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  • Having a dog recognize his name when called
  • Going on a walk without you being dragged
  • A dog that comes to you when called
  •  A dog you're proud of in front of guests/family
  • A dog who plays nicely with other dogs & people
  • A dog that actually follows your commands
  • A dog that behaves in the way you always wanted

​We Can Provide You That Dog!  

In Your Wildest Dream Could You Imagine...

​Quality Dog Training & Boarding

Our Mission

Our mission is simple:  Provide the highest level in canine care and training combined with an intense focus on customer service


Our Guarantee

We guarantee you will receive immediate measurable results by the end of your first training session. 

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Aloha Canine 

Development Center, LLC

Aloha Canine's Difference:
  • 24/7 Onsite Staff
  • 24/7 Video Access
  • Filtered Water
  • We care for your dog as if it is our own