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​Quality Dog Training & Boarding

We guarantee you will receive immediate measurable results by the end of your first training session. 

Our Guarantee

Our Mission

Our mission is simple:  Provide the highest level in canine care and training combined with an intense focus on customer service

  • Having a dog recognize his name when called
  • Going on a walk without you being dragged
  • A dog that comes to you when called
  •  A dog you're proud of in front of guests/family
  • A dog who plays nicely with other dogs & people
  • A dog that actually follows your commands
  • A dog that behaves in the way you always wanted

​We Can Provide You That Dog!  

In Your Wildest Dream Could You Imagine...

VISITS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, PLEASE -- keeping our pack walks safe!


Aloha Canine's Difference:
  • 24/7 Onsite Staff
  • 24/7 Video Access
  • Filtered Water
  • We care for your dog as if it is our own

Aloha Canine 

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